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Get more traffic and conversions by reverse engineering your competitors PLA strategy

The top competitors in your niche have done the hard work, they’ve found the best keywords, optimized their product feeds and product pages and are dominating YOUR keywords in the ad and organic results.

Shopspook helps you discover best performing Google shopping products and merchants in any location across unlimited keywords in any industry or niche. If you know who’s winning and why, you’ll have the data you need to beat them.

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Easily see the top products

Instantly discover which products are dominating your keyword landscape

Our success score reveals the most successful products across all your keywords by taking multiple success factors into account

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See Unique Keywords

Determine which products have the widest reach and the most traffic

How often is a product listing ad seen across all your keywords, what is its average position, traffic score and estimate ad spend overall

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Reveal Top Merchants

Discover your biggest competitors and reverse engineer their success

What merchants are are the most successful. Reveal their best product listings and see any competitor's PLA keyword targets with just a few clicks

What Are Your Goals?

How our Google shopping spy tool can help you succeed

Are you struggling with unprofitable or low performing Google shopping campaigns, getting very little or low quality traffic or perhaps your CPC's are sky high? Aren't sure if its your product feed data that's to blame or perhaps something to do with your product page?

There's a ton of moving parts to a successful Shopping Campaign and the reason for bad performance could be one or a combination of many things. The fastest way to spot an issue or opportunity is by analyzing data from high performing competitor campaigns in your niche.

With Shopspook you'll instantly discover the most successful product and merchants for your keyword landscape so you can mine them for insight and ideas. Dont forget to check out our ecommerce keyword research tool here for more competitive insights!

If you're on the hunt for winning products or currently doing research into new product opportunities, there's one valuable resource you probably haven't been able to mine for product data yet, until now.

Shopspook is the ONLY affordable Google shopping competitor analysis spy tool on the market and its perfect for your dropshipping product research needs.

Why use Google Shopping data to find winning products? Performing well on Google shopping is not easy, you need a great product, a great offer and an effective landing page and sales funnel. Products only do well here consistently if they have been optimized in ever way, and that is a massive opportunity for you to learn from the winners.

This means when you uncover the best performing listings on Google shopping for your keywords with Shopspook , you'll know exactly what products actually sell well in your niche and what funnels and copy is the most effective in selling them.

Have you had difficulty finding an affordable self service bulk Google shopping PLA data provider or easy to use Google Shopping scraper? I know we did, which is why we created Shopspook!

We provide affordable 100% fresh on demand Google PLA data for as many keywords as you need and sort that data for your in useful ways for maximum insight.

You can sign up right now to use our self service option to fetch and export data up to 10 000 keywords per project or contact us on for larger bulk requests or API access.